Z- Cooking With Superfoods

Most of us have, without knowing, already been using superfoods in our everyday cooking: avocados, spinach, blueberries, pomegranates or lemons are among the most common superfoods. You are probably also unaware that cacao, dates and chickpeas belong to the same category! Superfoods are not only tasty, they also deliver a wealth of health benefits: anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and much more. They therefore make a considerable contribution towards healing and cleansing our mind and body. Each of the twenty eight superfoods portrayed in this book is described in a detailed profile, accompanied by delicious and easy to make recipes.

A concise introductory chapter provides detailed information as to what superfoods are and their nutritional values. Anti-oxidants and their sources, vitamins and secondary plant substances are also coherently presented. Equipped with this knowledge we are presented with mouthwatering illustrations and tasty recipes. Breakfast ideas range from chia pudding with mango and coconut milk, to overnight oats, chocolate and raspberry. Appetizers such as stuffed dates wrapped in zucchini, and quinoa and cauliflower balls are a healthy way to start any day. Moving on the the main courses we are presented with culinary delights such as stuffed pointed peppers with whole-grain green spelt and walnuts. The spinach souffle with hemp seeds and sesame crust needs to be seen, and eaten, to be believed. Lastly we are presented with desserts and cakes. The banana split with cocoa nibs and goji berries simply cannot be ignored. Page long profiles on each superfood inbetween the recipes provide the reader with more than enough background information on each superfood.

Hannah Frey, the author of several bestselling cookbooks, professional nutritionist and blogger, has once again delivered with her compact guide to the world of superfoods.

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