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Yoga For Pregnancy

Written in consultation with top instructors, midwives, and doctors, this step-by-step handbook shows expectant mothers how to harness the power of yoga to enhance both their own well-being and that of their child. Each yoga posture depicted in this illustrated guide is safe and comfortable for each stage of pregnancy - from the first trimester through delivery. The positions and relaxation techniques suggested can help improve circulation, increase energy, and ease the symptoms of hormonal imbalances, and also included are tips to help speed post-natal recovery. Perfect for yoga novices as well as experienced students, this book can help harmonize body, heart, and mind during this transformative time for mom and baby.

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ISBN 9780600617549
Categories Family and Relationship, Fitness, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Rejuvenate Me
Author(s) Widdowson, Rosalind
Publisher Hamlyn
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Language English