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From the author of the international bestseller `Wetlands', a raw and taboo-breaking novel of sex and grief, obsession and death. `My therapist says I'm trying to escape fear through sex... I could easily have sex ten times a day.' Elizabeth Kiehl is a devoted mother. A committed environmentalist. The ideal wife. So why is she so insecure? Because her daughter has worms? Because the planet is still doomed? Because visiting brothels with her husband makes her feel sick? Or is it that if she stops thinking about absolutely everything else she will remember what happened to her family eight years ago? `Wrecked' is a raw, uncompromising and blackly comic portrayal of trauma, sexuality and one woman's desperate attempt to cling to something like sanity.

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ISBN 9780007478774
Categories Fiction, Historical Fiction, Just In
Author(s) Charlotte Roche
Publisher Fourth Estate
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