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Anyone can tie knots: learn just one or two from this book and you will be glad you bought it. Learn ten, and it could make a difference in your life. This is because there is endless pleasure to be had from the study and practice of knot tying, this fundamental but fascinating process being an art, craft, science and philosophy, all rolled into one. This book contains over 150 knots and splices and is guaranteed to amuse for hours on end. It makes sense to shed our over dependence on buckles, clips and zip fasteners, safety pins and superglue, when a length of cord or rope and the right choice of knot works at least as well and often better. The types of knots in this book range from figure-of-eight knots, bowlines and sheet bends, crossing knots, wrap-and-tuck knots, and more. A full glossary and index will help readers learn to tie knots of all kinds.

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ISBN 9780785822233
Categories Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference
Author(s) Budworth, Geoffrey
Publisher Chartwell Books
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