We Were Young & At War

We Were Young and at War follows the stories of sixteen teenage boys and girls who write with a disarming directness about their reactions to and experiences of a very adult war. Their diaries and letters have been brought together for the first time to create an insightful portrayal of what it was like growing up surrounded by the horrors and struggles of World War II. These heart-rending stories show us life from all sides of the conflict. From a British boy writing to his American pen pal about his time in the Home Guard and a precocious French girl flirting with soldiers from both sides, to a headstrong soldier in Hitler's army and a bright Japanese teenager who becomes a kamikaze pilot. All these people were forced to grow up quickly in a war which dramatically shaped their lives. This is their story.

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ISBN 9780007303571
Categories History, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Humanities
Author(s) Wallis, Sarah
Publisher Collins
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