Tuttle Chinese-English Dictionary

"The Tuttle Chinese-English Dictionary" is a new dictionary designed for contemporary English speakers. It provides clear and accurate definitions in idiomatic English for 15,000 frequently-used Chinese vocabulary items (characters and compounds), including all words required for the official HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Examination, the standard test of Chinese proficiency used by the Chinese government as well as by corporations and universities worldwide. Entries are listed alphabetically for easy reference using the standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization system. To ensure the dictionary is fully up-to-date, recently coined terms have been included reflecting the dramatic changes taking place in Chinese society, business and education. The entries contain detailed notes on Chinese culture, grammar and usage that are extremely useful for foreigners-a unique feature found in no other Chinese dictionary. Over 8,000 sample sentences are provided in idiomatic Chinese showing how the Chinese words are used in real-life situations. Each sentence is given in Chinese characters with Hanyu Pinyin and English equivalents so the reader is able to pronounce and understand the sentences without difficulty. A concise guide to Chinese pronunciation, tones and grammar is found at the front of the dictionary while lists of common character components, measure words, Chinese personal and place names are given in the Appendix at the back. Two Indexes list over 4000 characters by stroke and also by radical, enabling the reader to identify characters when the pronunciation is not known.

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