Time: Science Of Epidemics (Time The Science Of Epidemics: Inside The Fight Against Deadly Diseases, From Ebola To Aids)

TIME's The Science of Epidemicsbrings deeper understanding of Ebola and other infectious diseases from plague to polio. Time takes readers behind the headlines not only to look at what caused Ebola to spread, but how doctors are trying to fight the disease in Africa, what the US and other countries are doing to stop it from spreading and the impact it has on survivors and society. Time looks into the battle against other diseases as well, including the campaign in Saudi Arabia against Mers-Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-and what doctors and scientists are doing to end the AIDS epidemic. TIME explores the work of virus hunters in the field, report on the new Enterovirus D68 and the ever-present and mutating flu virus, explain how science won the fight against polio, and chronicle the deadliest viruses of all time.The Science of Epidemics is a book illuminates what medical researchers and doctors in the field are doing to save millions of lives from deadly diseases.

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