The Very White Of Love: The Heartbreaking Love Story That Everyone Is Talking About!

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3rd September 1938. Martin Preston is in his second year of Oxford when his world is split in two by a beautiful redhead, Nancy Whelan. A whirlwind romance blossoms in the Buckinghamshire countryside as dark clouds begin to gather in Europe.

3rd September 1939. Britain declares war on Germany. Martin is sent to the battlefields of France, but as their letters cross the channel, he tells Nancy their love will keep him safe. Then, one day, his letters stop.

3rd September 1940. It's four months since Nancy last heard from Martin. She knows he is still alive. And she'll do anything to find him. But what she discovers will change her life forever...

Perfect for fans of Suite Francaise, My Dear I Wanted To Tell You and The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

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ISBN 9780008217501
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, MIXnMATCH, New Arrivals, Romance
Author(s) S. C. Worrall
Publisher Harper Collins
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