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The Unlisted (The Unlisted #1)

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There's nothing Dru Sharma fears more than the dentist. So when his school runs a compulsory dental check, he convinces his identical twin, Kal, to take his spot. What Dru and Kal don't realise is that the check-up has been initiated by the Infinity Group, a mysterious organisation that is interested in a lot more than the students' dental health. Infinity wants to control the hearts, minds and bodies of every young person in the world, and it isn't long before Kal and the other students start developing super strength, while the kids who resisted the procedure start to go missing. With Dru 'Unlisted' and outside of Infinity Group's control, it's a race against time to uncover the truth of the operation. Dru and Kal - with the help of a group of underground teens - will have to do whatever they can to stop Infinity Group before it's too late.

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ISBN 9780702301049
Categories Fiction, New Arrivals BBW 2 2, New Arrivals OS, RM 10 - RM 19.99, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Chris Kunz
Publisher Scholastic
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Language English