The Summerhouse By The Sea

For Ava Fisher, the backdrop to all her sun-drenched memories - from her first taste of chocolate-dipped churros to her very fist kiss - is her grandmother's summer house in Mariposa, on the glittering Spanish coast.Returning for one last summer, Ava throws herself into a project her grandmother would be proud of. Cafe Estrella - once the heart of the sleepy seaside village - now feels more ramshackle than rustic. Just like Ava, it seems it has lost its sparkle.Away from the exhausting juggle of London life, Ava realizes that somehow her life has stopped being . . . happy. But being back at the summer house by the sea could be the new beginning she didn't even realize she needed . . .

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ISBN 9780008217945
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, New Arrivals, Romance
Author(s) Oliver, Jenny
Publisher HQN Books
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