The Ss: Hitler's Instrument Of Terror (Hb)

The SS: Hitler?s Instrument of Terroris an authoritative account of Hitler?s private army. Every aspect of the SS is examined in full: its units and their battles, the foreign legions, the various non-military departments, and the key figures who led formations in the field and oversaw internal affairs within Nazi Germany, such as Heinrich Himmler, ?Sepp? Dietrich and Kurt Meyer. In addition, the questions of atrocities committed against prisoners and civilians, and the SS?s role in the concentration camp system, are addressed in full.

The appendix includes biographies of some of the more notorious SS members, such as Adolf Eichmann, and Reinhard Heydrich. Ranging from its post-World War I origins to the fall of Berlin, the book will be of interest to both the student of military history and the general reader. Illustrated with 270 colorr and black and white photographs, many from private collections and seldom seen, as well as 25 color artworks, The SS: Hitler?s Instrument of Terroris the definitive account of Nazi Germany?s most notorious organization.

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ISBN 9780785830122
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Author(s) Gordon Williamson
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