The Mum Who'D Had Enough

After sixteen years of marriage, Nate and Sinead Turner have a nice life. They like their jobs, they like their house and they love their son Flynn. Yes, it's a very nice life.Or, at least Nate thinks so. Until, one morning, he wakes to find Sinead gone and a not lying on the kitchen table listing all the things he does wrong or doesn't do at all.Nate needs to show Sinead he can be a better husband - fast. But as he works through Sinead's list, his life changed in unexpected ways. And he starts to wonder whether he wants them to go back to normal after all. Could there be more to life than nice?

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ISBN 9780008157043
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, MIXnMATCH, Romance, Stories for Moms
Author(s) Gibson, Fiona
Publisher Avon Books
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