The Lymphatic System: Learning And Activity Book

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The Lymphatic System Anatomy Adventure Spleen Getaway
YOUR MISSION: Are you ready to lymph and learn? Prepare to clean house with amazing fun facts about your wondrous Lymphatic system!

? Good to Node: Did you know that your lymphatic system is your body's unsung hero?
? Cleaning House: How does lymph fluid travel through your body?

Puzzles, crafts, and Aztec calendar activities await in this one-of-a-kind, S.T.E.A.M. activity-filled kit!

Contents: Time Skaters Comic; Adventure Guide; Aztec Calendar Paper Toy; 1 ink pad; 3 rubber stamps; tissue paper and pipe cleaners; lymphatic system puzzle; sticker sheet; Quick Start Guide.
Inspires learning from the inside out with fun activity and side by side learning.
Teaches kids about systems of the body through fun and engaging activities!
Fun and creative

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