The Love Wins Companion

For anyone who wants to delve deeper into Rob Bell's bestselling Love Wins, the expansive and accessible Love Wins Companion offers scholarly support and critiques, resources for individuals, groups, and classes, and brand new material by Rob Bell himself.

As Love Wins continues to become a touchstone for thousands of readers worldwide, controversy surrounds the book's arguments. Here, in The Love Wins Companion, Rob Bell offers commentary on the positive and negative attention his groundbreaking book is receiving, delivering a crucial supplement to one of the most important books Christian books today.

For those looking to go deeper with Rob Bell's bestselling pioneering book Love Wins, this companion offers:

* Insights and commentary by theologians, Bible scholars, scientists, and pastors

* Deep analysis of all relevant Bible passages on heaven, hell, and salvation

* Detailed chapter summaries, discussion questions, and Bible studies for individuals, groups, and classes

* Excerpts from works throughout Christian history illustrating the variety of teachers also debating the issues Bell wrestles with

* New material by Bell on his mission for the book and how people can take the next step

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