The Less You Know The Sounder You Sleep

Based on the true story of conjoined Russian twins, Masha and Dasha, The Less You Know the Sounder You Sleep is a tale of survival and self-determination, innocence and lies.No one expects Dasha and Masha to live beyond childhood. Not the Soviet scientists who study them, the other ‘defective’ children who bully them, or the ‘healthies’ from whom the twins must be locked away.But they don’t know Masha like her sister does. While Dasha is gentle and quiet and fears everything, her twin is fearless and irrepressible and determined they will survive. Whatever the cost.Through the seismic shifts of Stalin’s communism to the beginnings of Putin’s democracy, the sisters strive to be more than just ‘the together twins’, finding hope – and love – in the unlikeliest of places.But strength can come in many different forms and if Dasha is to live more than half a life she must find the courage to emerge from her sister’s shadow.

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ISBN 9780008203764
Categories Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, Highlight, New Arrivals, NewandRestock, X-Deals
Author(s) Juliet Butler
Publisher Fourth Estate Ltd
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