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The Internationalists: How A Radical Plan To Outlaw War Remade The World

In 1928, the leaders of the world assembled in Paris to outlaw war. Within the year, the treaty signed that day, known as the Peace Pact, had been ratified by nearly every state in the world. War, for the first time in history, had become illegal. But within a decade of its signing, each state that had gathered in Paris to renounce war was at war. And in the century that followed, the Peace Pact was dismissed as an act of folly and an unmistakable failure. This book argues that the Peace Pact ushered in a sustained march toward peace that lasts to this day.

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ISBN 9781501109874
Categories History, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Humanities
Author(s) Hathaway, Oona A.
Publisher Simon & Schuster
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