The Illustrated Food Remedies Sourcebook

An A-Z of the foods that can be used as natural remedies to prevent and cure common ailments.Comprehensive and fully illustrated throughout, The Illustrated Food Remedies Sourcebook is a go-to reference for those of us wanting to nourish our body from the inside out. So much of what we eat affects our general health and well-being, and there are many widely available foods that, when eaten regularly, not only stave off illness, but also act as a natural cure for ailments.In this essential book, over 300 super-foods are listed with their nutritional breakdown and special properties highlighted for instant and easy reference. As well as those well-known fruits, nuts, and seeds that have been traditionally used as natural remedies for thousands of years, such as honey and lemon to soothe sore throats and oranges for vitamin C, there are also many more unusual foods included, such as blueberries and kale, whose beneficial properties have been acknowledged more recently.* So why not add a handful of acai berries to your morning cereal for a boost of antioxidants and fiber?* Or sprinkle chia seeds on your salad for a powerful protein hit and to aid sluggish digestion?* Did you know that adding calcium-rich kale to your diet could ward off osteoporosis?* Or that substituting your potato for a beta carotene-rich sweet potato could significantly lower your risk of developing cancer?Simple tweaks to your everyday diet could add up to huge changes in your future health, and this guide will tell you all you need to know to make those changes as easy and straightforward as possible.

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