The History Of Warfare

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Travel back in time with this visual guide to the history of human conflict, tracing the evolution of technology and tactics from the ancient world to the American Civil War! Combining beautiful nineteenth century engravings, artwork, and diagrams with an engaging and informative modern text, The History of Warfare narrates humankind's timeless capacity for devising new ways of waging war on land and at sea. Follow your intrigue with this chronological and cultural review of tactics and technology, supplemented by thumbnail studies of individual items of arms and armor-from swords to siege engines, from helmets to handguns. The lavish visual approach parades the evolving profiles of army and individual warrior; interjected with annotated anatomies of key technologies and diagrams of famous battles and tactical innovations. With contextual introductions, authoritative captions, and a glossary of terms, you will recieve a complete and comprehensive history for the school of war.

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ISBN 9780785834618
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Author(s) Tim Newark
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