The Force Of Character

As iconoclastic and captivating as The Soul's Code, "The Force of Character" presents an enlivening new vision of life's mission in light of the aging process. Hillman's magnificent new book is a profound reflection on the wisdom revealed by the body and psyche -- and how it emerges as we pursue and fulfill our callings. Hillman explains that the full development of our unique character requires that we age: "The last years confirm and fulfill character...Aging is no accident. It is necessary to the human condition, intended by the soul". Hillman explains the archetypes and myths that govern the later years and compels us to rethink our premises about maturity and aging. Steeped in the wisdom of a lifetime, radiant with Hillman's reading in philosophy, poetry, and sacred texts, "The Force of Character" has a piercing clarity that will change and affirm the lives of all who read it.

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ISBN 9780345424051
Categories Health and Wellness, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) James Hillman
Publisher Ballantine Books
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