The Final Summit: A Quest To Find The One Principle That Will Save Humanity

David Ponder is back and this time the fate of mankind may be in his hands. David Ponder is in a race against time. He's been chosen by the archangel Gabriel to lead a summit of fellow travelers, using their wisdom and experience to save mankind before all that is known is destroyed. Though reluctant, Ponder soon finds himself traveling to the most unlikely of places to interview the most fascinating of subjects such as Winston Churchill, Joan of Arc, and Abraham Lincoln. Will the group come up with the answer in time? What could possibly be the one action that could turn the tides of history? "The Final Summit" is the long-awaited sequel to "The Traveler's Gift" but will stand alone as its own compelling and important parable with truths for our times.

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ISBN 9780785231202
Categories Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Self-Help, X-Deals
Author(s) Andy Andrews
Publisher Thomas Nelson
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