The Fairy Bell Sisters

Do you believe in fairies Join Tinker Bells sisters on a magical adventure. first in a brand-new series.Inspired by Tinker Bell. from the book Peter Pan. by J. M. BarrieBefore Tinker Bell flew to Never Land and met Peter Pan she lived on Sheepskerry Island with her fairy sisters Clara. Lily. Rosie. Silver and Squeak the baby. The young fairies go to fairy school and love tea parties. dressing up and exciting adventures.Every fairy on Sheepskerry Island is excited about Queen Mabs fairy ball. Everyone. that is. except Silver. Shes too young to go its so unfair!Like any good fairy. Silver tries to look on the bright side. But its ehrs secret plans turn into an awful mess. Worst still. none of the fairies realise that Silver isn 't the only uninvited guest...Young readers will love the enchanting stories.

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ISBN 9780007516483
Categories 4-8, 6-8, Children's Books, Kanak-Kanak/Children, Reading Books
Author(s) Margaret McNamara
Publisher HarperCollins
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