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The "Everything" Get Ready For Baby Book

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A lot of preparation goes into the nine months before the delivery date. And it's often difficult for mums-and dads-to-be to keep track of such a big "to do" list. From keeping a memoir of the pregnancy journey to knowing what to expect, "The Everything Get Ready for Baby Book, 2nd Edition" offers: advice on choosing a pediatrician; a fail-proof plan for the "big day"; methods on how to cope during post-partum recovery; help for new mums to get their bodies back in shape; baby bonding ideas for mummy, daddy, and even pets; tips for getting baby to sleep; and, creative ideas for preparing the nest.Completely updated and revised, "The Everything Get Ready for Baby Book, 2nd Edition" includes new information on maintaining a work/ life/ baby balance and ideas for ways to include daddy.

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ISBN 9781598694024
Categories Family and Relationship, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Katina Z. Jones
Publisher Adams Media
Weight 0.61 kg
Language English