The Calm Coloring Book: Beautiful Images To Soothe Your Cares Away

The Calm Coloring Book contains gorgeous images of birds, leaves, flowers, fish, butterflies, and tranquil landscapes to soothe the mind and please the senses. By coloring in the outlines you will de-stress your mind and body and create your own beautiful artwork.

It's official--coloring is good for you. Whatever your age, shading a picture in colors of your choice generates a sense of stillness and wellness. it also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills and creativity. Coloring works as a relaxation technique--calming the mind and occupying the hands--and helps you enter a freer state of being.

This delightful book offers a wide and enticing range of gorgeous designs and scenes for you to color in and make your own. The images and patterns of flora and fauna provide a relaxing way to explore the artist inside you. By following your creative instincts, you will relax your body and mind and be rewarded with a portfolio of beautiful finished artworks.

So put your worries on hold, pick up your crayons, pencils, or felt-tips, and unleash your creative side. Take some time out of your day to color in The Calm Coloring Book and watch your stress dissipate with each page.

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ISBN 9780785832881
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