The Best Alternate History Stories Of The 20Th Century

Explore fascinating, often chilling "what if" accounts of the world that could have existed?and still might yet . . .

Science fiction?s most illustrious and visionary authors hold forth the ultimate alternate history collection. Here you?ll experience mind-bending tales that challenge your views of the past, present, and future, including:

? "The Lucky Strike": When The Lucky Strike is chosen over The Enola Gay to drop the first atomic bomb, fate takes an unexpected turn in Kim Stanley Robinson?s gripping tale.
? "Bring the Jubilee": Ward Moore?s novella masterpiece offers a rebel victory at Gettysburg which changes the course of the Civil War . . . and all of American history.
? "Through Road No Wither": After Hitler?s victory in World War II, two Nazi officers confront their destiny in Greg Bear?s apocalyptic vision of the future.
? "All the Myriad Ways": Murder or suicide, Ambrose Harmon?s death leads the police down an infinite number of pathways in Larry Niven?s brilliant and defining tale of alternatives and consequences.
? "Mozart in Mirrorshades": Bruce Sterling and Lewis Shiner explore a terrifying era as the future crashes into the past?with disastrous results.
. . . as well as works by Poul Anderson ? Gregory Benford ? Jack L. Chalker ? Nicholas A. DiChario ? Brad Linaweaver ? William Sanders ? Susan Shwartz ? Allen Steele ? and Harry Turtledove himself!

The definitive collection: fourteen seminal alternate history tales drawing readers into a universe of dramatic possibility and endless wonder. *This book may have remainder mark*

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