A marriage and a family reach breaking point on an annual holiday in the loveliest hotel in Ireland. Dermot Bolger is one of the leading figures on the Irish literary scene. Very influential, amazingly energetic and prolific, popular and extremely well respected. Dermot writes fast-paced, incredibly readable novels, usually with a thriller element, always about Ireland, more often than not about its Troubles. `Temptation' is quite different. It is about family life. It describes five days in the lives of Alison, her husband Peadar and their three children, who are taking their annual holiday on the southeastern coast of Ireland. Each member of the family has his or her own hopes for the holiday and preoccupations about the lives they are briefly leaving behind. The holiday serves as a turning point in their lives, as Alison and Peadar's marriage is put to the test and the vulnerabilities of their children are brought to the fore. Previous novels have always featured a female central character, and Dermot seems to love writing from a female perspective - and very good he is at it too. This new novel takes this strength and makes the most of it. Paciness and great readability are packed in there too.

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ISBN 9780006552369
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Author(s) Dermot Bolger
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