Taekwondo Grappling Techniques: Hone Your Competitive Edge For Mixed Martial Arts [Dvd Included]

Take taekwondo beyond just kicking and punching-discover powerful grappling moves that build on the patterns you already know! Taekwondo is the most popular Korean martial art, with over 70 million practitioners in the world. Taekwondo Grappling Techniques presents the most effective grappling maneuvers ever developed for taekwondo. With this comprehensive taekwondo book as your guide, you'll confidently defend yourself against attacks and apply your own devastating grappling techniques to bring assailants into submission.This taekwondo guide contains 15 chapters with 89 different taekwondo techniques. Movements include:Low Double Knifehand Block to Circular BlockUpward Elbow Strike to Double Knifehand BlockSitting Stance Punch to Sitting Stance Punch to Outer Forearm BlockReverse Punch to Scooping BlockSquare Block to Inward Knifehand StrikeVertical Spearhand Strike to High Backfist StrikeReverse Inner Forearm Block to Reverse PunchDouble Knifehand Block to High PunchIncludes instructional DVD.All disc content is alternatively accessible on tuttlepublishing.com/downloadable-content.

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