Spanning the twentieth century, exploring themes of belonging and forgiveness, Stranger is an epic and unforgettable love story to cherish from award-winning author Keren David. Astor, Ontario. 1904.A boy staggers out of the forest covered in blood and collapses at the feet of 16-year-old Emmy. While others are suspicious and afraid, Emmy is drawn to him. Is he really the monster the townsfolk say he is?Astor, Ontario. 1994. Megan arrives from London for her great grandmother Emmy's 105th birthday. It should be a happy family occasion, but Megan is nursing a broken heart and carrying a secret she fears might consume her.One family. Two women. A century of secrets. A timeless love story.

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ISBN 9780349003054
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, New Arrivals, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Keren David
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
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