Space Recognition Guide (Jane's)

An exciting new edition to the highly-regarded and perennially popular Jane's Recognition Guide series. Presented in the same style as existing Jane's Recognition Guides, this new book contains a selection of over 300 satellites, spacecraft and launch vehicles (rockets), with information on purpose, operations, specifications, and a brief history, as well as summaries of the leading space agencies and launch sites, and a look into the future. The entries (each with a colour picture) are split into: Historic Missions (Sputnik, Apollo, Mir, Voyager etc.) Historic Launchers / Space Organisations (e.g. NASA, ESA and JAXA) Launchers/Current Spacecraft Programmes Manned Spaceflight Futures This is a most comprehensive guide and a stunning tribute to the exploration of space.

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ISBN 9780007232963
Categories Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference
Author(s) Peter Bond
Publisher Collins
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