Smart Love

The principles of emotional intelligence have long been applied to the business world with remarkable results. But what would happen if they were applied to that most important of relationships--marriage? SMART Love is a system for understanding emotions--both your own and your spouse's--managing those emotions, and walking hand in hand through those situations when emotions run high. Drs. David and Jan Stoop break the book into five sections:

- Self-awareness of your emotions
- Managing your emotions
- Accountability to yourself, your spouse, and others
- Reading the other person's emotions
- Together in the land of emotions A SMART Love inventory helps readers see where they are strong and where they need improvement, and each section includes action steps couples can take to implement what they've learned. Perfect for couples' counseling, small groups, and anyone who wants to connect with their spouse more deeply.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780800727550
Categories Family and Relationship, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Dr David Stoop
Publisher Revell Company
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