Shoutykid: How Harry Riddles Made A Mega-Amazing Zombie Movie

Her Majesty, hi there My name is Harry Riddles and I dont normally do this kind of thing, but I think we might need some help. Harry Shoutykid Riddles has a few problems: he needs money to make his movie, My Pet Zombie, his dad needs a job before they lose their home, and the school play is going to end in disaster unless there are some major changes to the leading actors! But Harry isnt giving up easily - he decides to write to anyone who might be able to help get his life back on track, including, the Queen, the Prime Minister and Harry Styles from One Direction! A hilarious new series starring a stand-out comic character.

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ISBN 9780007531882
Categories 4-8, 6-8, Children's Books, Kanak-Kanak/Children, Reading Books
Author(s) Simon Mayle
Publisher Harpercollins Publishers
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