Secret Weapons Of World War Ii

In Secret Weapons of World War II, first-class historian, William Breuer, chronicles the clandestine battles that occurred between the brilliant scientists and codebreakers of the Allies and the Axis powers. Here are the extraordinary tales behind the ingenious weapons and technological wizardry that determined the outcome of the war. From radar, huff-duff (high frequency direction finding), invisible radio beams, electronic guidance systems, homing devices, and submarine detection equipment, Breuer deftly exposes the gargantuan efforts employed by both adversaries and the fascinating details of the high-stakes warfare waged behind the well-known scenes of combat. Re-creating the covert missions, plots, hoaxes, spying, conspiracies, and electronic sleuthing, Breuer goes beyond the famous military leaders and statesmen to give an entirely flesh and startling perspective of the Second World War.

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ISBN 9780785835516
Categories History, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Humanities
Author(s) William B. Breuer
Publisher Chartwell Books
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