Restaurant Design

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The restaurant boom of the last twenty years has led to an increase in both the volume and diversity of restaurants in the worldGCOs major cities. Consumer expectations have risen dramaticallyGCorestaurants have become so much more than simply places to eat.As living space in the city shrinks and city dwellers have less private room to call their own, they are increasingly choosing to dine out in public spaces. These arenas are where the modern urbanite GC[yen]performsGC[yen] his or her identityGCowhere we eat and drink defines, to an extent, our social selves. Modern technology and communications have made us more mobile than ever, leading to an unprecedented awareness of other cultures. This is reflected in the rich diversity of food and design on display in todayGCOs restaurants. In the twenty-first century, eating out is as much about entertainment as nourishment.Now restaurants can look like anything from a bedroom (such as SupperGCo club Roma) to the Arabian-style Nomads in Amsterdam or the futuristic Pod in Philadelphia. As long as thereGCOs somewhere to rest a plate, when it comes to inspiration, the world is the restaurant designerGCOs oyster.
Restaurant Design celebrates the most inspirational and beautiful restaurant spaces from around the worldGCoplaces built to seduce diners and fire the imagination. After a brief introduction tracing the history of restaurant design, the book is divided into five categories: Global, Retro-Pop, Modern Classics, High Concept, and New Baroque.Internationally renowned designers featured include Christian Liaigre, David Rockwell, Philippe Starck, David Schefer, Jordan Mozer, Patrick Jouin, and Karim Rashid. From the modern elegance of Craft in New York to the quirky decadence of LondonGCOs Les Trois Gar+ * ons, this muse of a book features dining environments to suit every mood and every taste.

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