Pig/Pork: Archaeology, Zoology And Edibility (Bloomsbury Sigma)

Pigs unite and divide people, but why?Pig/Pork explores the love-hate relationship between humans and pigs through the lenses of archeology, biology, history, and gastronomy, providing a close and affectionate look at the myriad causes underlying this multi-millennial bond. What is it that people in all four corners of the world find so fascinating about the pig? When did the human obsession with pigs begin, how did it develop through time, and where is it heading? Why are pigs so special to some of us, but not to others?Pig/Pork sets out to answer these and other porcine-related questions, examining human-pig interactions across the globe through time, from the Palaeolithic to the present day. The book dissects pig anatomy and behavior, and describes how this knowledge plays a major role in the advance of the agricultural and medical sciences, among others.The book also looks closely at the history of pig-human interaction; how they were domesticated and when, how they affected human history through their diseases, and how they have been involved in centuries of human conflicts. All this is accompanied by a liberal peppering of pork recipes and the stories behind them, along with facts, wisdom, and porker lore, providing a thought-provoking account of where our food comes from, both historically and agriculturally, and how this continues to influence many parts of our behavior and culture.

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ISBN 9781472911391
Categories History, New Arrivals BBW, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Humanities, Politics, Politics and Current Affairs
Author(s) Spry-Marques, Pia
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
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