Performance Breakthrough: A Radical Approach To Success At Work

In To Sell Is Human, Daniel Pink devotes an entire chapter to Salit and her work. Now, Salit-an evangelist for creativity, communication, and innovation in the workplace-has written a manifesto that provides the tools to seize opportunities and completely transform how we perform at work. Whether you're navigating your way on a new team, expanding your leadership role, or just trying to get heard in a meeting, you're facing the kind of workplace challenge we all run into sooner or later: you need to elevate your performance. In PERFORMANCE BREAKTHROUGH, Salit helps you hone your listening, relationship, and communication skills, build a healthy work environment, and grow as a leader by artfully blending techniques from theatrical performance with the new science of performative psychology. The combination of her case studies and practical exercises will help you deliver exceptional results.

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ISBN 9780316382489
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Author(s) Cathy Rose Salit
Publisher Hachette Books
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