Patrick Moore On Mars

In this revised edition, Patrick Moore, familiar and undisputed expert on the stars and planets, tells the full story of Mars revealed, from the early myths to the present day. This is Mars as it really is: its place in the solar system, its structure, surface, mountains, volcanoes, impact craters, ice-caps, atmosphere, weather. Everything we currently know about Mars is chronicled in a detailed, fascinating, well-illustrated text. Patrick Moore orbits through an ever more exciting story of scientific discovery in his unique, enthusiastic style. The possibility of life on Mars, past or present, is carefully explored in the light of the latest evidence. Looking to the future of Martian exploration, Patrick Moore shows that even after centuries of astronomical research and speculation, our acquaintance with Mars is only just beginning.

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ISBN 9781844035465
Categories Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Science and Technology
Author(s) Sir Patrick Fras Dsc Cbe Moore
Publisher Cassell Illustrated
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