On Time: Finding Your Pace In A World Addicted To Fast

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Why has time sped up?
Why is there never enough?
How can you make it yours again?
On Time reveals why time sped up, why there never seems to be enough, and how to make it yours again.
We have more time than ever: each of us can expect a thousand months on this planet, if we're lucky. Yet we feel time poor.

This is because our world is addicted to fast and we have become its servant. Instead of grasping the liberating potential of technology, many of us are stuck in a doomed race to outpace hurry.

Catherine Blyth combines cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychology with stories ranging from Leonardo da Vince to Anna Wintour, Kant, and Keith Richards, to reveal timeless truths about humanity's finest invention and how it shapes our lives.

Angry, witty and enlightening, On Time is a handbook for navigating a fast-forward world that asks the questions productivity guides ignore such as why time speeds up when you long for it to slow down, how to reset your body clock, and what hours suit which activities best.

So stop clock-watching and quit chasing white rabbits. Rediscover how time can be your servant.

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ISBN 9780008189983
Categories Business and Economics, Highlight, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Catherine Blyth
Publisher William Collins
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