Oil Painting - Tips And Tricks (Hb)

Artists as diverse as Titian, Monet, and Picasso have used oil paint. Abstract painters and pop artists, Expressionists, and photorealists have all used it, each movement renewing the possibilities of this wonderful medium. Contemporary artists such as Lucian Freud, Wayne Thiebaud, and Frank Auerbach also all use oil, each in a dramatically different way. The possibilities for expression seem endless. The story of oil painting is long and grand, but this book is not intended to be a history of the medium. Rather, its purpose is to illuminate some basic principles and procedures so that you can develop a technically sound use of the medium, to give advice about equipment and to make suggestions about picture making. Oil paint has a reputation for being a difficult medium to master; this book hopes to show you that there is no need to feel daunted. It will help you paint with the confident enjoyment that comes with getting to know your medium and experiencing a growing awareness of the visual world. This book describes the painting equipment artists need to set up their easel, and provides a glossary of terms for oil painting. It goes through the basic techniques of painting and also provides step-by-step instructions, and examples of oil paintings that will inspire and instruct oil painters. A wonderful addition to any art classroom library, this book also makes an exceptional gift for any painter looking to learn about oil paints.

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