Millie Marotta's Home Sticker Book

Leading illustrator Millie Marotta has created a great collection of wall decoration stickers that could grace the walls of any home. Beautiful images, in Millie's inimitable style, can be added to walls above the sofa, mantelpiece, shelf, in hallways, on bookcases, stairs, tiles and mirrors. Millie's beautiful line work of flowers, birds, fish and foliage is loved around the world and will add charm to your home without any fuss or work. The stickers are easily removed from the book and stuck on the wall and will not leave a mark on the wall after removal. You can instantly get a sophisticated and consistent look for a room or whole home with these stickable works of art.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781849942805
Categories Bestseller, Highlight, Home and Garden, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Stickers
Author(s) Millie Marotta
Publisher Batsford
Weight 0.55 kg