*Lenovo Way

BUILD YOUR COMPANY INTO A GLOBAL GIANT--THE LENOVO WAYA powerful book that shows the step-by-step evolutionof a new kind of global technology powerhouse, TheLenovo Way is indispensable reading for leaders andmanagers who deal with strategy, innovation, branding, and HR at any kind of company. It also tells the remarkable story of how two women from very different backgrounds rose to become leaders in Lenovo's journey to the top.

The Lenovo Way shows business leaders how to gainmarket share and develop new business models. The strategies driving Lenovo's ascent to the leading positionin the PC industry have been in motion for years, and this book shows how Lenovo, with roots in both East and West, did it. Based on unprecedented access to former and present CEOs and other top managers, The Lenovo Way tells the fascinating story of the rise of this remarkable global brand. It also provides invaluable business lessons for how to use Lenovo's success strategies to advance your own company's success.

Building for a decade on its history-making acquisitionof IBM's PC business in 2005, today Lenovo is #1 inglobal PC sales, and it is rapidly gaining in sales of tablets and smartphones. Lenovo is challenging the world'sbiggest and most powerful brands through innovations and new acquisitions to become an even bigger force insmartphones, servers, and cloud computing, and its CEOhas been listed as one of the best in the world. Using thestory of Lenovo as a case study illustrating best globalpractices.

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