Legendary American Automobiles

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Legendary American Automobiles is a richly illustrated volume that profiles the most renowned vehicles to be built in the USA, from the pre-assembly line era to modern times. Since the days of Henry Ford's Model T, American cars have dominated not only the market, but also the imagination and desires of millions of people around the world. Dedicated to the exciting legacy of this iconic automobile, Legendary American Automobiles presents a complete overview of the history of the American car. This exhaustively written by one of the most famous journalists in the field, Matt DeLorenzo, this volume is also enhanced by illustrations that capture the exhilaration, aesthetics, and charm of these legendary vehicles. Where many books provide a basic catalog of American automobiles, Legendary American Automobiles takes a very different approach. Here you will see engineering details and styling advances, as well as the effect of the social and economic environments at the time. Beginning with the automobile's early days and Henry Ford's invention of the assembly line and continuing until modern times, this intriguing, richly illustrated volume traces the entire history of American automobiles. Whether luxury-market or average-family models, the American car is a dream possession and cult object famous and desired through the world.

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ISBN 9780785835240
Categories New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Transportation
Author(s) Delorenzo, Matt
Publisher Chartwell Books
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