Ice Creams At Carrington's

Since a reality TV series put them both on the map, life has been amazing! Carrington's profits are in the pink, Georgie has carved herself a place in the nation's heart and her romance with Tom, the store's boss, has finally blossomed. Now summertime has come to Mulberry-on-Sea and Georgie is in great demand. The town is holding a big summer festival and she and her mates from Carrington's are planning on making sure that Mulberry puts on the show of its life! But Georgie is about to get the offer of a lifetime ? one that is just too good to turn down and something that will test her loyalties to their limits? Will Georgie be able to pull off it off once again, or has her luck finally run out?

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ISBN 9780007488278
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, Romance
Author(s) Alexandra Brown
Publisher Harper
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