Home Truths

Brought up by their eccentric uncle Django, the McCabe sisters had assumed their mid-thirties would be a time of happiness and stability. The youngest, Cat, returns home from four years abroad, to start a new phase of her life. Easy - or so she thinks. Fen, the middle sister, is determined to be a better mother to her baby daughter than her own was to her - but might this be at the expense of her love-life? And is the eldest, Pip, too busy taking care of her stepson, her husband, her sisters, her uncle to notice her own needs? At Django's 75th birthday party, secrets are revealed that will change how the three sisters view their family forever. Heart and home, previously intertwined, are forced apart as identities are called into question.

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ISBN 9780007180356
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, New Arrivals, Romance
Author(s) Freya North
Publisher Harper Collins
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