Heaven Help Us: 300 Patron Saints To Call Upon For Every Occasion

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Your days of worry and frustration are over. Whoever you are, whatever you do, there's a patron saint who wants to help you - specifically you - with your troubles. Heaven Help Us features 300 patron saints for every person and situation imaginable, proving that if you need help, all you have to do is ask.There are patron saints for travelers, vegetarians, and women in labor. Find the gentle guardian of gamblers, lawyers, and parents with disappointing children. If you're opposed to company, praise the saint for families stressed by houseguests. Whatever your physical ailment, you may find a patron for victims of toothaches, appendicitis, and sore throats. Find your work endorsed by patron saints of beekeepers, booksellers, sailors, schoolgirls, and even (we kid you not) vampire hunters! Whether you're a florist or a card sharp, you can count on heaven above to help you through your daily struggles.Heaven Help Us describes the real-life history and epic legends of an amazing variety of holy figures from the Christian faith. How each saint became associated with particular beneficiaries is told in tandem to their story. Also included are reproductions of 300 full-color holy cards depicting these heavenly helpers in all their glory.Find your patron saint and then find some with your friends and family, know exactly who you should be asking for help for every situation, and share the light above on whatever dim circumstance gets in your way.

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