Guitars Amazing Facts And Trivia

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For guitar fans everywhere, this lavishly illustrated book is packed with intriguing facts, anecdotes, quotes, lists, history, and just plain bizarre stuff.

Enter the world of the early blue guitarists, jazz greats, and iconic rock heroes.

Be amazed at the prices reached by the great guitars of the twentieth-century rock era.

Discover the earliest guitars, and learn about the lives of those who played them.

Check out listings of the best solos, albums, guitar players, and more.

Wonder at the weird or just plain funny facts and trivia that will wow guitarists and guitar fans alike.

This book is an instant introduction to the history and world of fascinating anecdotes related to the instrument, reflecting the fun it is to listen to, study, and play. Somewhere within us all - even if it is only with an air guitar in front of the bedroom mirror - there lurks a guitar hero trying to get out.

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