Greetings Earthlings!: Space Poems

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TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!I, the moon, would like it known - I never follow people home. I simply do not have the time. And neither do I ever shine. For what you often see at night is me reflecting solar light. And I'm not cheese! No, none of these: no mozzarellas, cheddars, bries, all you'll find here - if you please - are my dusty, empty seas. And cows do not jump over me. Now that is simply lunacy! You used to come and visit me. Oh do return, I'm lonely, see. James CarterJames Carter lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and two daughters. His poems have been published in dozens of anthologies and in his first collection Stars, Cars and Electric Guitars. He spends a lot of his time visiting schools where he perform his poems and plays his guitar.

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