A compulsive and chilling debut about a girl growing up in a cultWHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO LEAVE?Green and Blue are sisters.Foxlowe is home. Outside is Bad.Green understands.Why can't Blue?`Will lure you in - then cut to the kill' Guardian`Wonderfully tense' Emerald Street`To read Foxlowe is not unlike wandering through Foxlowe itself on some long night: I felt never quite certain where the corridors might take me, nor whom I might meet on turning a corner; and in the final moments I found myself hurtling down a flight of steps into the dark' Sarah Perry, author of The Essex Serpent`The ending is like a punch to the throat.

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ISBN 9780008164102
Categories Crime, Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, Mystery and Thriller
Author(s) Eleanor Wasserberg
Publisher 4th Estate
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