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Fit & Active : West Point Physical Development Prog

This book was written to serve as a practical, ready-to-use resource for physical educators at the secondary school and higher education levels, as well as for youth sport directors who are committed to inspiring youth to be more physically active.Each chapter describes what has worked for the authors at West Point programme and the authors provide detailed strategies for modifying their approach for a variety of ages and environments. In writing this book the authors also enlisted the help of a team of high school physical education teachers to ensure all suggestions are appropriate for the high school level.This book is based on the belief that physical fitness serves as a foundation for emotional and intellectual well-being. This programme is carefully coordinated to stress the importance of participating in enjoyable physical activities along with knowledge, skills and fitness activities.The objective is to inspire students to make physical activity and fitness an integral part of their lives long after they leave school.
The value of this book is that it provides a great deal of specific, current information, which will assist teachers with new ideas to improve their programmes.

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ISBN 9780736060745
Categories Highlight, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference
Author(s) Maureen K. LeBoeuf & Lawrence Butler
Publisher Human Kinetics Publishers
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Language English