Find Me! Adventures In The Forest With Bernard The Wolf

Have you ever seen a wolf in glasses before? Poor old Bernard the Wolf can't see a thing and his big, yellow glasses make him look pretty silly and not at all . . . scary! Michael the Squirrel wants to help him get his sight back and get rid of those terrible glasses for ever! Following Michael's instructions, children can explore the woodland and will enjoy helping Bernard the Wolf play the visual stimulation games involved: for example finding the different snake amongst a group of snakes or finding the odd one out in the frog pond - all activities that are aimed at developing children's observation skills. Youngsters can then check their answers by themselves with the solutions in the back of the book. But that's not all: Bernard the Wolf needs even more help! In the second book, he will have to sharpen his sight even more to be able to see underwater! Children will be able to help Bernard the Wolf in more new challenges in a completely different setting, discovering the wonders of the underwater world. The colourful pages of these large type books, inhabited by Agnese Baruzzi's unmistakable and irresistible animals, make for a truly exciting and stimulating visual experience!

Product Overview
ISBN 9788854413887
Categories 3-5, 6-8, Activity Books, Bestseller, Children's Books, Daily Highlights, Kanak-Kanak/Children
Author(s) Agnese Baruzzi
Publisher White Star
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