Events That Changed The World: The Most Influential, Innovative And Inspirational Minds Behins The Events That Shaped Our World

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The 20th century began with a sense of great optimism. Extraordinary breakthroughs in science and invention promised the dawn of an exciting new world.Yet great developments in military technology, travel opportunities and a shift in ideologies and old rivalries, made the 20th century one of the most violent and tumultuos in world history. And the most progressive.From the sinking of the Titanic, to the release of the first personal computer, Events that Chapnged the World uncovers the people and minds - along with the influences - behind some of the last century's most significant events.Some have changed the way people think, others have changed the course of events across the globe - sometimes for the better, at other times with devastating results. All have chronicled our history.Chapters include:Culture and SocietyHumanity and LibertyMedicinePolitics and WarScienceSpace and the EnvironmentTechnology

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