Etiquette Guide To China

Say farewell to faux pas!Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, or whether your stay will be long or short, your visit to China will be more pleasurable and productive if you understand your host culture and how to work within it. Etiquette Guide to China is a vital guide for businessmen, tourists, or students travelling to china.Learn the essentials of interacting, such as manners and etiquette such as how to address people you meet, body language such as if you should bow or shake hands, and how to behave out on the town, in the boardroom or when attending a wedding. Filled with practical advice on minding your manners in China, Etiquette Guide to China is an indispensible book to read before you travel to china or conduct business and trade with China.The author, Boye Lafayette De Mente worked in Asia for over thirty years as a journalist and business consultant and has long been considered an authority on East Asian business and the culture of China. In this book, he reveals the historical factors, collective traits and individual qualities that determine how the Chinese interact and do business. His is a true insider's view-whether the topic is the legal framework for business development, or the importance of social relationships in China.This book is broken in to several parts:Part I The Middle Kingdom including-The Origins of Chinese Etiquette, The New China, and Cultural Influences on Chinese EtiquettePart II Minding Your Manners in China including-Personal Etiquette in China and Chinese Meals and CelebrationsPart III Business in China including-Foreigners and the Chinese Way of Doing Business and Cultural Influences Vital in Chinese BusinessPart IV Negotiating in China including-The Chinese Way of Negotiating, Preparing to Negotiate in China, What to Expect While Negotiating, Business Entertainment, When You Are a Host in Your Own CountryAlso included is an extensive Appendix which includes personal, family, corporate and government titles as well as useful words and expressions in Mandarin Chinese.

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